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New Bullying Policy
The Board of Education has been very busy with many topics.  Two of these topics resulted in a new bullying policy and soon-to-be developed procedures for providing food for school parties and other events.  The new bullying policy (7:180) that was approved by the Board of Education complies with recent changes in the law.  The full policy can be viewed online at http://troy30c.org (click on About the District at the top, then on Board of Education, then on Board Policies).  We also have a bullying hotline that was implemented last year.  If you or anyone in the community would like to report bullying that is or might be occurring in our schools, you simply need to submit anonymous information at the following website.  http://tms.troy30c.org/pages/Troy_Middle_School/TMS_Students/TMS_Bullying_Hotline